Montana is a truly special place and is unlike any other place in the world, but what makes it so special?

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Montana officially gained statehood in 1889, and there's a good reason why people call it "The Last Best Place." Across the state, you'll find great examples of why Montana has earned that nickname, from National Parks to historic battlefields.

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Some states have earned reputations for certain things. A couple of the things Montana is known for are long winters and world-class fly fishing, but there's a lot more to the state than just that.

What is Montana Known For?

Many people refer to Montana as Big Sky Country because of how vast the skies are. In Eastern Montana, you can see for miles without the obstruction caused by the mountain ranges in the western half of the state. Mountains are one of the many things that people think about when they think of Montana.

Photo by Andrew James on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew James on Unsplash

Native American history is prevalent in Montana, and the state offers several opportunities to learn about the culture and history of Native American tribes that inhabit it.

The state also has a rich mining history, and many of the state's residents are descendants of immigrants that moved here to strike it rich over a century ago. Montana has changed in several ways since it first became a state, and is considered one of the best states in America for a lot of reasons.

So, what makes Montana so special and unique? Check out a few examples below.

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