Okay, before we all run out and panic buy like people did with toilet paper at the start of the pandemic, these are items that MIGHT be in short order this summer on Montana shelves.

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I just want to give you a heads up and to be prepared that we could see a shortage of some items that are a regular buy for you each week at the grocery store.

Currently I haven't seen the empty shelves here in Montana like there was in 2020, but the website Eat This, Not That has released their article about the 7 Grocery Shortages You Could See This Summer.

We'll highlight the 3 of the bigger and more popular items that could be hard to find this summer.

Wheat & Bread

Loaves of bread with wheat

I knew we got a lot of wheat from Ukraine and Russia, but I didn't realize they accounted for 25% of the world's wheat export. Thankfully the war hasn't decimated the wheat outputs.

Also, in Montana, we're the fourth biggest exporter of wheat in America. That means our shelves here in Montana should be stocked with bread.


A wooden spoon with granulated sugar in it beside sugar cubes on a table

In addition to sugar prices that have risen to decades high prices, India has said they won't increase their exports. India is top exporter of sugar, and without them exporting more, it could keep prices high which means less on the shelves.

Again, this isn't to say it WILL happen just that it MIGHT happen.


A basketful of strawberries spilling out on to the table

This one might cause a riot in my household if it comes true.

Due to "historically low volume" and flooding of farms in California, it might not be until late summer, once the northern states harvest season concludes, that we see shelves full of strawberries.

See the other 4 items Eat This, Not That say we could see a shortage of this summer.

Also keep in mind, these are predictions nothing more. We aren't saying to start panic buying, but just be aware if you notice rising prices or low selection, there is a reason for it.

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