Summer in Montana means getting outside and enjoying all the outdoor activities we are afforded in our great state. Some of those activities are ones that can be done barefoot or in flip flops. But are you breaking the law when driving barefoot or in flip flops?

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I think the best answer to that legal question is "just because you can, doesn't mean you should." I don't want to give out legal advice, but I feel pretty comfortable saying that I've always felt more in control of my vehicle when wearing proper shoes than when barefoot.


You've probably heard or seen the phrase online that "it's not illegal to drive barefoot," and yes there are NUMEROUS articles out there that repeat the idea. One website, GetJerry, says that in Montana it's legal to drive barefoot, but there are risks.

  • Reduced braking force
  • Less traction
  • Foot injury

All those could result in reckless driving, which is illegal in Montana

What about flip-flops?


Oddly enough, going barefoot is better and safer for you to drive in than driving in flip flops. This is what the website GetJerry has to say about it,

Even though it’s slightly risky, barefoot driving can sometimes be safer than driving with shoes—specially if you are wearing flimsy shoes like flip flops or high heels. So consider your situation and the risks involved when you decide whether or not to drive barefoot.

If you're wondering how that is, this article from Massachusetts describes what happened to a lady who's flip flops came off and became stuck in the pedals. She was then cited for negligent operation.

So basically the answer to this legal question is like I said earlier, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

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