It's no secret that Montana has a variety of great cuisine and fine dining experiences to offer. Living under the Big Sky gives us a cornucopia of opportunities to sample foods fresh off the farm or directly from nature itself. With all of this great produce, Montana has been home to a number of food festivals over the years. In fact, one festival is so good it's actually been named one of the best in the country.

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Eat This, Not That has created a list of the "Best Food Festivals in Every State." According to the publication, there's one food festival in Montana you don't want to miss.

Montana has some great food festivals. I personally feel this article cannot continue without giving a shout-out to the Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival of Testicles which was held in Clinton, Montana. For those of you unfamiliar with Rocky Mountain Oysters, the festival celebrated dining on deep-fried bull testes. It might have been the food festival to make the list, if it wasn't ended 5 years ago.

No, according to Eat This, Not That, the best food festival in Montana is the two-day Huckleberry Festival held in Trout Creek, Montana. Montana is famous for its huckleberries, and Trout Creek was crowned the huckleberry capitol of the state in 1981.


The article states,

During the three-day Huckleberry Festival in August, the town of Trout Creek gets inundated with visitors from around the state that want their chance to taste everything from pie to cheesecake and everything in-between staring at the sweet berry.

This year the Huckleberry Festival is just two days happening on Aug 12 & 13th. See the fun you'll have by checking out the images from past Huckleberry Festivals in the gallery below.

Terrific Montana Town Of 300 Hosts One Of The Best Food Festivals

Every year the tiny town of Trout Creek, Montana, with a population of less than 300, becomes the epicenter of all things huckleberry.

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