St. Patrick's Day and Butte, Montana go together like "green" and "beer". Like "corned beef" and "cabbage". Like "luck" and "Irish". This Friday Butte is gearing up for a St. Patrick's Day to remember. The holiday will be on a Friday this year, and as of right now there is no snow in the forecast. Butte Montana will be ready to celebrate in a big way. If you are planning on heading over, here are 9 things to know for Butte St. Patrick's Day celebration. 

It's a Travesty Butte, Montana Didn't Make The List

Wallet Hub has just released their list of the "Best Cities for St. Patrick's Day" for 2023 and no Butte, Montana is not on the list. Population has a lot to do with the rankings, but any list that claims to list the "Best Cities For St. Patrick's Day" needs to have Butte included.

Despite Population Butte, Montana Needs To Be On The List

Boston, MA was the top choice for celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I will not argue with that ranking. Chicago, Illinois ranked number three on the list. Chicago is a fine city and they also dye their river green, which is a nice touch. But Chicago also held their St. Patrick's Day parade this last weekend, not even on St. Patrick's Day. Butte has their parade on the actual day of the "holiday".

Enjoy Butte, You are Number One On My List

Butte's history of St. Patrick's Day is legend. Butte will always be number one on my list of "Best Cities for St. Patrick's Day".  Remember just last year when they held a parade and Missoula didn't? If you are planning on heading to Butte for the St. Patrick's Day celebrations, remember to enjoy responsibly, and support your local pipe bands.

Know Your Butte History: Standing Mine Headframes

Dozens of mine headframes used to dot the Butte hill but most have since been torn down or swallowed by the Pit. Here are the ones that still tower proudly over our town.

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