Congressman Ryan Zinke is growing increasingly concerned about Glacier National Park's reservation system, fearing that it's hurting Montana residents' opportunities to enjoy the park.

During a visit to our stations last month, Zinke was already expressing concerns that the reservation program was impacting local residents.

"What happens is it hurts the locals," Zinke said while appearing on "Daybreak with Dennis" on KYSS-FM. "It hurts Montanans that are used to living, you know, you go to the Flathead Valley here. It's not that far of a drive to Glacier, you know. You have an afternoon off. Take the kids to the park and enjoy it. Well, with that reservation system that's lost."

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But Zinke is even more animated over the issue after meeting with Flathead business owners this week. And he's especially concerned with a new Wall Street Journal report this week suggesting the firm that's handling the government's reservation system is making millions of dollars with service fees.

Zinke was already saying he'd like to see an improved transit system to accommodate park visitors and better utilization of additional public lands outside the park.

"So the trails connect and so people have access to their public land and can recreate. I mean if the park is too crowded then and there's areas around the park that are just as beautiful. But it takes coordination. It takes building the trail systems out. Making sure you accommodate parking. But you know to shut off the experience for Montanans, I think that's dead wrong."

We'll be talking live with Congressman Ryan Zinke to get an update on his latest thoughts tomorrow morning at 7:30 on Montana Morning on KGVO.

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