When it comes to disclosing things about a house for sale, you've probably heard that the real estate agent has to tell you if there has been a murder in the house.

Well what about if the house was haunted, does that have to be disclosed too?

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When something unseemly has taken place in a house that is for sale, it becomes what is called "stigmatized property."

What is an example of a stigmatized property?

For your property to be considered "stigmatized" there are quite a few ways for it to get that label.

Crimes such as a brothel being run out of it, or if your home was a drug den, would both be ways way for it to get that classification.

When it comes to murder/suicide, that is another way that your property could be considered "stigmatized."

And yes that does include if your house is "haunted."
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A spooky house with gravestones in the yard

What do real estate agents have to disclose in Montana?

When it comes to selling a house in Montana, real estate agents DO NOT have to disclose anything.

That's according to the website Apartment Therapy. Montana along with 35 other states don't require anything to be disclosed to potential buyers.

Now if you ASK your real estate agent about anything that could have happened in your potential new home, they can not "obscure the truth."

I would wage most real estate agents would just be truthful and forthright about the home they are selling. As they say "honesty is the best policy."

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