Internet pranks are funny when you travel down a YouTube rabbit hole, I'm sure we have all have spent some time watching play lists of people being pranked. Sometimes things can go a bit too far resulting in violence. Can It go too far?

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Using Shampoo

The shampoo bit for example, where we see a person trying to shower salt water off of themselves on a beach and some joker pours an endless supply shampoo upon their heads until they go insane trying to wash it out.


Fake Flatulence

Jack Vale, using his signature gag fart equipment to annoy and offend the public at local grocery stores and Wal Mart locations. These can get dicey at points.

These prank ideas can be fun but sometimes challenges under the guise of being pranks can head into a dark territory.

Some of the pranks I see online cross the line when unsuspecting people are taken advantage and they are not expecting it and in social climate where countries and political lines are on edge.


One I saw in particular was a person in an airport having their luggage stolen out their grasp as prank. This person did not take to kindly to the efforts of the people trying to prank him resulting in an understandably massive public freakout.

It makes you wonder how many of these viral videos people have seen and are not agreeable with it happening to them and fighting back as a result.

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How would you react to one of these pranks?

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