Obviously, we are accustomed to strong winds in North Central Montana and throughout the Golden Triangle.

However, wind gusts upwards of 80 miles an hour are strong even for our area.

So, how strong is the wind expected to get today and tomorrow?

Well, take a look at the National Weather Service anticipating.

Wind Forecast
Great Falls National Weather Service
Montana Wind Gust Forecast
Great Falls National Weather Forecast

Let me tell you, there is wind, and then there is wind!

Why Is It So Windy In Montana

Ultimately, there are two elements playing into the extreme wind today and tomorrow.

Those two elements are a passing weather system, and a strong jetstream overhead.

Anytime a cold front or area of low-pressure tracks through the region, the wind has the potential to kick up.

You partner that with an extremely strong jetstream camped out right over Montana; you guessed it, extreme wind takes over!

Montana Wind Forecast

The strongest winds are expected Tuesday morning and should let up a little this afternoon.

However, when I say let up, it's still gonna be very windy.

It will ramp back up overnight into Wednesday morning, with 80 mph wind gusts expected along the Rocky Mountain Front.

Strong Wind Impacts

Montana Wind Impacts
Great Falls National Weather Service

I understand that you don't need me to tell you how to live your life or be careful in the wind.

But in all seriousness, be very cautious with high-profile vehicles, especially along the Rocky mountainfront through Wednesday.

After all, strong wins completely obliterated Monarch and Nihart Montana just a couple of weeks ago.

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