In My Opinion, Great Falls Is Missing Just One Thing

First and foremost, I'm a huge advocate for this community and absolutely love living in Great Falls, Montana!

I know people like to bash on Great Falls, but overall, this community has a ton of great assets and a lot of things going for it.

But in the six years I've been back in Montana and living here in Great Falls, I've come to realize that the town is missing just one thing!

Paddle Boarding, MO River, Great Falls, MT
Darrin Schreder

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Living In Great Falls

Anybody who says there isn't anything to do in this town clearly hasn't left their house in quite some time.

We have great concert venues, awesome restaurants and bars, and a thriving downtown!

Not to mention that you have epic hiking, fishing, and hunting all in your backyard.

So, with that said, what could be missing from our community?

Missouri River in Great Falls
Great Falls Montana Tourism

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Water Recreation

In my opinion, we have one of the greatest resources running right through the middle of our town: the mighty Missouri River.

My only question is, why do we not have more water recreation opportunities right here in Great Falls?

After all, there are boat docks, kayak launches, trails, and picnic areas along the river.

To me, this seems like an incredibly untapped resource that is just ripe with potential.

I would absolutely love to see more recreational opportunities along the Missouri River.

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Great Falls Montana Water Recreation

The Missouri River provides epic water recreation in Great Falls Montana

Gallery Credit: Great Falls Montana Tourism

Great Falls Area Museums

Museums in Great Falls

Gallery Credit: Great Falls Montana Tourism

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