It doesn't take too much traveling outside the city limits, and you will see them.  Hanging out lazily in the fields or the mountains, enjoying the big sky and green grasses of the countryside.  Yes, cows are what we are talking about here.  The big bovine that produces methane gas and gives us those great T-bone or rib steaks on our grills during the weekend.

What Is in A Name?  Does It Really Even Matter?

If we relate the term cow to that of dog, this may make a little more sense.  Generally, when encountering a dog, we simply call them dogs.  Not necessarily "the genus name or species name.  You would say, "what a nice dog" versus "what a nice Irish Wolfhound".  The same for cows.  We don't call them a "black angus" or "Holstein", they are simply cows.

What Are the Breeds That Surround Us in Montana and the US?

Across Big Sky Country, one will find many of the same breeds that populate the entire continent.  Most likely you will encounter red or black angus cattle, perhaps the dairy version, or even some of the outlier breeds that have become popular.  Here are our top 10 cattle breeds across the US and Montana.  Check out our gallery below and let us know if there is a breed that we missed that you think should be there by hitting us up in the comments on our social media, via the downloadable app below or email us here.

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Top 10 Most Popular Cattle Breeds In Montana & The US

We mostly refer to them as just "cows", but there are many different types of those. Here are 10 of the most popular breeds that you can see across Big Sky Country.

Already Have the Steak? Here Is a Great Way to Top It Off at The Campsite.

Cowboy Cobbler is the easiest thing to make and travels well. You can make it on the campfire or in the oven and it turns out 100% perfect every time!