Amazing, The 60's To Snow This Weekend In Montana

I'm sure we can all agree that the recent weather has left many of us scratching our heads. We've been going from one extreme to another—record-breaking cold to record-setting heat. And it appears that trend is going to continue as we head into the weekend.

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Thursday: Precipitation Chance Along Continental Divide

On Thursday, as the upper-level ridge moves eastward, there's a chance of precipitation across Southwest Montana, mainly along the Continental Divide. Temperatures will stay mild, keeping snow above valley floors until Friday. The likelihood of seeing 2 inches of snow by Friday afternoon at Monida Pass and Chief Joseph Pass is around 60%.

Friday to Sunday: Return to Average Temperatures and Precipitation

From Friday night to Sunday, temperatures are expected to return to near average. Precipitation chances will also reappear at all elevations. Rain is likely on Saturday, transitioning to snow on Saturday night. Valleys in Southwest Montana may see primarily snow, with some rain mixing in on Saturday. The chance of experiencing 4 inches of snow between Saturday morning and late Sunday night is approximately 20 to 30% at lower elevations.

Expected snow totals
Great Falls National Weather Service Office

Early Next Week: Unsettled Conditions Continue

Early next week, unsettled conditions are anticipated to persist. Cooler temperatures are likely, but there's uncertainty regarding precipitation chances, especially at lower elevations. Southwest Montana should be prepared for fluctuating weather conditions in the coming week.

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