Caches of Cash - Where Burglars in Montana Check First

I have never been great with money.  I blame it growing up in the era of "bar checks" that were available.  In smaller towns that featured only one bank in maybe an entire county, if you forgot your checkbook, you simply asked for a bar check and filled it out.


Boy, did I write a lot of those back in the day.  So much that I had bouncy things everywhere.  Which led me on a different path as I grew older, and perhaps a little smarter.  I simply married someone who is good with money.

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Green Folding Money in My Back Pocket Working in Montana

Because of my bad spending habits and bounced check resume, for a time I didn't have a bank account.  Or rather I couldn't get a bank account.  So, I dealt in cash for everything.  And yes, I would hide it in my apartment, thinking I was the wiser of any criminal.

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Turns out, I wasn't.  After a home burglary, you guessed it, not only were all my electronics and cd's gone, so was that secret stash of cash.  So much for being "wiser".  I was simply broke and couldn't even listen to a country song about it.

Check Your Cash Stash Montana!  Don't Hide It in These Places

Rather than try to necessarily "hide" something in my home in a "secret" place, I always thought a more general area that might be so obvious that it would be overlooked.  Unfortunately, that isn't how it works.

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Or at least according to a new article from Finance Buzz.  I have been going about it all wrong.  Do you have a cash stash in one of following gallery locations in your home?  You may want to reconsider.  Maybe even invest in a good shovel and some coffee cans for the backyard.


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