Famous Lake in Montana Named to New Best of List

There are many bodies of water across the state of Montana.  But there are a limited number of them that will stand out and be able to be named either by a picture or a description of them.

In a quick search online, words such as picturesque, other-worldly, magnificent, and more are each used to describe this idyllic destination in Montana for not only local, but also visitors from across the world.

Lake McDonald Can Add Another Adjective to Their Long List

While the data used is tad subjective, admittedly by 24/7 Tempo, their logic kind of rings true.  They reviewed travel guides and searched pictures.  If you search for famous lakes in our state, pictures of Lake McDonald will be there.  Any search of Glacier National Park will feature one.

It isn't a wonder either why it does come up everywhere.  It is everything it claims to be.  And now, it can claim another title.  Would you agree that Lake McDonald is the "most stunning natural attraction" in Montana?

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It Really Is a Heavyweight Champion in Our State

Located on the west side of Glacier, Lake McDonald is the largest lake in the park.  Adding to the natural attractiveness is hiking, animals, historic chalets and of course the magnificent Lake McDonald Lodge, built in 1913-1914.

Among the uniqueness of the lake are the amazing rocks from the shallowest parts of the shorelines to the deepest depths of 500ft.

Canva/JD Graphix
Canva/JD Graphix

According to the National Park Service:

Lake McDonald, the largest lake in the park, is a direct result of glacial carving. High peaks surrounding the lake all show evidence of the power of glaciers to carve even the hardest of rock.

Once those glaciers melted, they deposited debris throughout the rivers and streams, allowing them to flush down into the lake.  You can catch a glimpse of the lake with the NPS camera here.

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