Is Parking on the Curb Illegal in Great Falls?

I am not sure when exactly it happens, but at some point, in all of our driving careers we apparently forget how to park.  I don't mean during the wintertime.  That is a whole different type of animal there.  No, no.  I am talking about just the average park job.


When did we forget how to do it?  You only have to drive up a residential area and look to see, are there parking challenged people there?  Nine times out of ten, that answer will probably be yes.

Let's Take a Quick Refresher Course on Parking Rules, Shall We

I may be a little bias in talking about this subject.  I have been picking up my grandson from school lately, and well, yeah, there are some problems.  But it just isn't there.  It's everywhere that you see parking skills that are subpar.


For instance, the sidewalk.  We all know that you aren't supposed to park there.  But yet, here we are.  Don't park on the sidewalks ever, not only does it impede a person walking, but you could also be facing a ticket for doing so.

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These Should Be Easy to Remember, But Here Are Some Easy Rules

Of course, you shouldn't park on the sidewalk.  but there are other rules that you should be following also.

For instance, how far from the curb should you be?  Easy one, it's no more than 18".  But yet people worried about their tires or rims will park darn near in the street.  Maybe they need some curb feelers from back in the 70's to get a little closer?  Crosswalks and intersections also fall into this catergory.

Stop blocking residential areas!  You can't block a personal or public driveway.  I get it, you're only there a moment, but it is illegal and dangerous.

Another important aspect of parking is how far from signs, signals and crosswalks.

  • park at least 20ft away from crosswalks or intersections
  • park at least 15ft from a fire hydrant
  • park at least 30ft from safety zones
  • 30ft from stop signs, yield signs, flashing signals and traffic lights

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