New Pet Health Scare Coming from Neighboring Montana State

If you are like my family, you probably travel with your pets.  Across town to get groceries, off to pick up the kids from school, our puppies tag along with us.  So, it would make sense to take them with you for family gatherings around the holidays.

Maybe not so fast this year, however.  In news reports, there is a new affliction causing Fido to not feel so well.  Here's what to know about it before heading out with your pet this year.

It's Just a Cough, I Am Sure It Will Go Away Soon Enough

An all-new respiratory illness is afflicting pet owners across the nation, and as of yet, veterinarians don't have an idea how it started or how to keep it under control.  In the reports so far, the symptoms in your pet are:

  • coughing that can last several weeks
  • sneezing
  • nasal or eye discharge
  • lethargy
  • blue or purple gums
  • respiratory issues

As for now, cases have been reported in several states near Montana, including Idaho, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana and Washington state.

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Be Aware, And Keep a Vigilant Eye on Your Dog

If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, you should immediately report and take your dog to a vet.  According to Small Animal Emergency Service at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, owners should:

Let the vet fully evaluate, we can ultrasound the lungs to see if there is a problem that is related to pneumonia or the contagious pneumonia that seems to be going around. That early vet visit can be so important to establish that relationship with your vet and have them help you take care of your dog and then track how this illness is going to progress.

Have you experienced this in your pet?  Let us know if you have with our social media, the appchat feature or you can email us here.

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