Police Update Details of Threat at Great Falls Public Schools

As the world continues to evolve, along with humanity, it also seems to me that it is becoming much smaller.  What I mean by this is that things that seemed to only happen "somewhere else, but not here" weren't encroaching on our fair city.

Unfortunately, those cases are coming into our city.  Whether it be crime, drug related incidents, or threats to our children and our public schools.  Thankfully, we have incredible response teams in place at both the school and law enforcement levels in our city.

GFPD and GFPS Take Immediate Action This Week in Great Falls

On Tuesday, January 16, schools across Montana, including schools in Great Falls and our area, received a concerning email.  It was determined that the threat wasn't specific nor credible.  Schools in Great Falls continued, but Great Falls Police increased their presence at the area schools both outside and inside.

Some schools, such as Cascade, decided to cancel school altogether out of precaution.  Other schools, including those in our city offered parents the option of not sending their child or children to school, and absences would be considered excused.

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Investigation Continues, School Returns to Normal

In a press release to social media, the Great Falls Police Department stated that:

Throughout yesterday, detectives continued to follow all investigative leads, to better understand the incident. It was determined the email originated from outside the United States. The email was a “group” email that was dispersed to several school districts in Montana; it did not name any specific school, district, or community.

GFPD also stated that they would continue to work with state and federal law enforcement agencies on this any types of this occurrence.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to students about communicating any type of threating behavior to a responsible adult.

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