When heading out on a road trip, there are certain items that must be included when you start packing the rig to head out on the highway.  Sure, there are the main staples of your vehicle; oil changes, filling up with gas, cleaning mirrors and windows.  Packing things like an extra blanket or pillow, dog toys, people toys and don't forget to make a cooler up of your favorite beverages to make that trip enjoyable.  And of course, there are the snacks that must accompany any road trip, regardless of distance.

National Surveys and How They Compare to Our Fair City of the Falls

A new survey by the company Hi-Chew says that really, snacks make or break a trip.  66% of people said so.  They also indicate that road trips are a hall pass to eat as many snacks as you want.  Folks even considered snacks the best part of the trip.  Even over the company joining you or any of the stops along the way.  According to responders, chips and chocolate rate the highest across the nation.  Surprisingly, those weren't on the top of our list.

What Snacks Make for the Best Road Tripping in Montana?  You Told Us!

According to our survey, we have a little bit different tastes here in Montana and Great Falls.  Cookies and candy were out, but we do love our meat and seeds.  What should you be packing for that long jaunt across the Big Sky?  We've grabbed 10 of our favorites that you told us were must haves when getting in your ride and hitting the road.  Check out our gallery below, and as always, contact us through our appchat feature from our app, or email me here.

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Top Snacks for a Road Trip Across Montana According To You

What is the best snack for a road trip in Big Sky Country? We asked and you have let us know these are the favorites. Here are the top 10 of our choices from your submissions that we think are the best of the best for hitting the road.

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