Few tales rival the legend of Steer Montana!

Born on a farm nestled in the Fertile Prairie community east of Baker on March 23, 1923, this colossal bovine emerged into the world destined for greatness.

The World's Largest Steer

At an awe-inspiring 3,980 pounds, standing tall at 5 feet 11 inches, measuring an astonishing length of 10 feet 4 inches, and boasting a girth of 9 feet 2 inches, his enormity was beyond compare.

How Did He Get So Big?

Legend has it that the secret behind his mammoth proportions lay in an unconventional source - whiskey mash, a by-product from the still of his owner, Jack Guth.

Locals and old-timers in the area attributed Steer Montana's remarkable size to this unusual dietary supplement, adding to this larger-than-life creature's mystique.

On The Road

Jack Guth recognized the magnetic appeal of his oversized bovine and transformed Steer Montana into a traveling sensation, embarking on tours across the country.

Crowds gathered in amazement, drawn by the sheer spectacle of the world's largest steer, making Steer Montana the star attraction of Guth's traveling showcase.

The Story Lives On

When Steer Montana passed away after living a remarkable 15 years and four months, Jack Guth refused to let his legacy fade.

Opting to immortalize his prized steer, Guth had him expertly mounted, preserving the colossal creature for posterity.

The mounted spectacle continued its journey, captivating audiences wherever it went.

Don Foote, intrigued by this gargantuan bovine, acquired the mounted remains and proudly exhibited them at his museum, "Wonderland in Billings," inviting visitors to marvel at the awe-inspiring creature.

Plot Twist

The narrative unexpectedly turned when Bernie Heiser acquired Steer Montana for $5,000.

Returning the iconic steer to its origins in Baker, Heiser showcased the monumental artifact at his establishment, Heiser's Bar, reigniting the local fascination with this legendary figure.

Eventually, recognizing the historical significance of Steer Montana, the iconic mounted steer found its permanent residence at the O’Fallon Historical Museum, a testament to a remarkable creature that captured the imagination of generations.

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