On the internet there are some weird things to the untrained eye. Especially when it comes to farming and ranching. At least they are weird to me because even though I grew up in Montana, I did not necessarily grow up on a farm or ranch.

The Down and Dirty.

I had to do some research and digging on the internet for something I saw on Reddit. It appears to be a video of a cow being treated for bloat. According to the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Bloat is a form of indigestion marked by excessive accumulation of gas in the rumen(stomach). This treatment is common for a number of factors most commonly when cows go out to pasture and eat something that is unhealthy for them.

There are a few ways I have seen it done including a red plug with a removable relief valve applied into the bovine body to let out the excess methane gas in the cow's body, looks like standard procedure with almost instant relief to the cow. This other one however was a bit different.

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The Device.

It's a much smaller metal valve punctured right in the body much like the red device I described earlier, only this time it has a rather interesting gauge on it to measure or vet  the amount of methane being expelled from the ailing body. It has an open value that the individual lights on fire burning the escaping methane.

See Below:


I did show this video to our Ag Director Randy Bogden, he was amazed with what he saw and suggested we have a weenie roast over this tiny blue flame.

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