We love our pets in Montana, that goes without saying. Which begs the question, do you talk to your animals like they are actually people that would talk back to you?


My grandfather always says that his dogs and other pets are just little people and they understand exactly what your talking about, he treats his poodles just like humans.

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The answer in my household is yes.

We talk to the dog and the cats as if they were another person sitting there. We sit them up on the couch and sit arm-in-arm, tuck them into bed, and my wife animates the dog's paw to say goodbye to me everyday. It's pretty darn sweet if you ask me.

Meghan Hanning
Meghan Hanning

We ask them questions, bounce ideas and feelings off of them, but I've always wondered if they actually understand me at all which is another question entirely.

I'd like to touch on that for a sec.

We talk to our animals, but do they understand the commands or emotions that you are trying to convey?

According to a USA Today article, some 62 percent of surveyed believe pets can understand what their humans are laying out.

In an How Stuff Works article, they say that there isn't a way to really know whether your furry friend can FULLY understand what your saying, however, some animals including certain breed of dogs can understand some human language.

From what I understand it's more body language, inflection of voice, as well as some words from memory rather than full-on conversation.

Don't let stop you though, keep talking to your furry friends and treat them as equals because they love you no matter what.

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