Well here we are, on the internet.

As you read and discover different thing on here, maybe take a second to think about life before everyone had a connection to the world wide web.

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At one point in life, one had to go to places, see things, learn stuff from experience. When the web was introduced to people it was a hub of communication, and education. It has been 30 some odd years since then, and the internet grew more exponentially than anyone would have ever thought.

With that, the internet is a place where you can find anything you can think of physical or non-physical. I was on the internet reading about people talking about what the internet has either changed or ruined. It's along the lines of institutional things that we once relied on and things we thought as normal like peoples names. Will they ever make a return, or do we have to depend on an internet connection from this point further?

Print Media/Newsprint

There was a time where print media was something for rich people, and when it became the mainstream it was treated like the internet as an enemy of the old ways. Now, The same news outlets we were used to during the 20th century is now closet in a building with a single computer and you subscribe for a year of articles for $19.95.



This was a comment I saw and was interested on how the internet has changed libraries. We all know they are still around, but back in the day you had to sit in one, learn, leave when they closed, then come back and start all over again. Now, one can spend countless hours learning superfluous facts until their brains can't handle it.



This was an opinion of one person commenting, I'm not sure if it was THEIR dating life being ruined by the internet or just dating in general. I met my wife online and it turned out great, she's my wife after all! Many other people have had the same result as I and I feel it helps with communication. I wish I could reassure them that there is dating scenarios devoid of the internet, they just might have to go outside once in a while.


The name Karen

Once a sweet name for someone, now a mark from the internet that will have everyone in the room snickering with an eye roll. I can't pinpoint when it happened, but for some reason people chose that name to describe someone who's being somewhere between a fuddy-duddy, tattletale, and an overall bummer. I'm sorry to all who read this and is named Karen, I'm sure you are a wonderful person. Don't let the internet trolls get you down.


Are there thing you think that have been ruined due to the internet? Let us know on social media.

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