Where Is The Oldest Continuously Running Hotel In Montana?

Don't do it.  Don't say the Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton.  The key words here are "continuously running".  The Grand Union had a rough patch in the mid 1980's all the way to 1999 where it was left abandoned. The Grand Union is the OLDEST hotel in the state.  You're right about that.

The oldest continuously running hotel in Montana is:

The Kempton Hotel, Terry, Montana

Kempton Hotel Terry Montana
Kempton Hotel Facebook page//Canva

The Kempton Hotel Was Built In 1902 By Homesteaders To Montana

You're sure to see the hotel in Terry on their main street, Spring Street. In the over 120 years the hotel has been operating, it has become a fixture in Terry.

The Kempton was sold to it's current owners in 1990. The Terry Tribune interviewed the current owner, Russell Schwartz, in September of 2023. At that time, the hotel had been open for over 45 thousand continuous days.

My favorite answer from Mr. Schwartz was when the Terry Tribune asked how they've kept it running all of these years, Mr. Schwartz answered, "The reason we’re open is hard work."

How Much Has The Hotel Changed Over The Years?

From the Terry Tribune: while modern amenities have been added over the years, Russell and Linda Schwartz go to great lengths to preserve the history of this amazing landmark.  Mr. Schwartz described updating the rooms, but leaving one wall with the original wallpaper in each room as a tribute to time and the people who've passed through those halls.

The prices at the hotel are decent as well.  Maybe a fun weekend adventure immersed in Montana's history? It's kind of a straight shot.

Google Maps//Kempton Hotel Facebook page//Canva
Google Maps//Kempton Hotel Facebook page//Canva

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