Good News If You Drive On 10th Avenue South In Great Falls, Montana

If you've ever driven Tenth Avenue South in Great Falls, you know what a hassle it can be to make a left hand turn in some places, especially by Albertson's and Target.  What. A. Nightmare.

Residents Of Great Falls Want Change

The Fairfield Sun Times did a report stating that residents have been calling attention to the need for left turn signals, particularly around Albertson's and Target.

Stoplights Great Falls, Montana
Tammie Toren//Canva
Stoplight Great Falls Montana
Tammie Toren//Canva

The traffic lights we have right now we're installed in the 1980's, and traffic volumes at those intersections weren't what they are now.  Best I can find out, our Target opened in October 1986.  It's easy to see how those streets weren't as busy then as they are in 2024.

How Is The Need For A Turn Signal Determined?

Montana Department of Transportation researches location of the light, traffic at the location and how many crashes have been reported at each location being considered.

In the last 3 years, since 2021, 89 accidents have happened at the 2 intersections neighboring the Target/Albertson's complex.  That's right around 30 wrecks a year.

Great Falls Needs Left Turn Signals On, At Least, One Of The Intersections

Fairfield Sun Times reports, Jim Wingerter, the Great Falls District Administrator of MDOT, said, "September 2023, we started our evaluation. We started a traffic study, and looked at what is out there, what's occurring, what's happening. We have determined that the justified left hand turn signals are necessary and we could start programming a project for them"

The City of Great Falls and MDOT still need to do some planning and figure out funding.  That should take about a year.  Wingerter expects we may see the turn signals installed next summer.

Cool.  I look forward to having Tenth be a bit safer.

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