Conspiracy Theories.  We've all heard of them in Montana.

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Some Mainstream Conspiracy Theories

  • The Earth is flat
  • No one has ever landed on the moon
  • Birds are robots
  • Chemtrails
  • New Coke
  • Kennedy, MLK Jr., Princess Diana, Tupac etc is alive
  • The holocaust was faked
  • The latest that I heard, people who got the Covid Vaccine will turn into zombies during the national EAS test.  (LMFAO)

I could probably fill an entire article with just conspiracy theories.  It would be fun, too.  Except, we can't run the chance of legitimizing something like this to even one person.  Look what happened when the conspiracy theories of our last national election were spread.  It almost cost us a country.


What Conspiracy Theory Do Montanans Search The Most?

According to US Direct, the only place I could find with any real information on ALL 50 states and their favorite conspiracy theory, Montanans search for

Lizard People

US Direct Resources
US Direct Resources

What Is This Theory and Who Are These Lizard People?

From Us Direct:

Also known as “reptilians,” “reptoids,” and “draconians,” lizard people are humanoid beings who are described as shapeshifting aliens that take on human forms and hijack seats of government and political power to assume control over human societies. The theory was propelled into the conspiracy mainstream by former BBC correspondent,  new-age philosopher, and prominent lizard person theorist David Icke, who claimed that leaders such as Queen Elizabeth and George W. Bush were secretly scaly otherworld beings controlling their respective countries.

Now we know.

How In The Funky Fresh Do We Fall For These?

It's more fun to imagine nefarious things, and it really does make for better movies and tv shows, but in real life?  Come on, people, we're better than that, right?


This coming from someone who wrote this whole article because it mentioned Doctor Who when Lizard People were discussed.  You can bet your sweet Adipose that I will write about Doctor Who every chance I get.

From US Direct:

Lizard people are known to pop up in popular media, like the TV series V, People of Earth, and Doctor Who.

You had me at Doctor Who.  In fact, you will ALWAYS have me at Doctor Who.

I'm hoping my fellow Montanans know that, at best, any of these are THEORIES.  Theories are vastly different than facts.

Enjoy your day.  I have an appointment with The Doctor and some Nazi-like aliens that want to exterminate everyone.

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