It's the time of year when a lot of people are taking summer vacations. But the way people take vacations or even time off, seems to be changing. Companies are offering employees unlimited PTO. An article in ReThink Quarterly, a publication of ADP, seems to indicate that when unlimited PTO is offered, people are less likely to take time off.

In Montana, time with family and friends, time in the outdoors, time studying, and time dedicated to hobbies are all important to our lifestyle. Yet, Montanans also are known for having a strong work ethic. When you own a farm or ranch, for example, there aren't a lot of "days off."

It begs the question, how much time is needed to feel happy, or even just relaxed and recharged?

4-Day Work Week or Vacation Time?

We asked our listeners this morning if they would prefer a four-day work week or having vacation time and overwhelmingly, callers said they'd prefer a four-day work week. Some pointed out that when you only work four days, you can use the three days in a row for a miniature vacation. They also pointed out that many people don't take any time off, and maybe having shorter work weeks would help that.

Moving to a four-day week has even become a necessity in some places. School districts in Montana are experimenting with a four-day school week and some say it's necessary to attract teachers when there's a shortage of teaching staff.

For other industries, it might be difficult to only have four-day work weeks.

What about you? How much time would you want to yourself to feel your best? Take our poll below.

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