As spring has arrived here in Montana, we are gearing up for one of the best parts of spring... the farmers market! Who doesn't enjoy getting up early on the weekend, and going out shopping for fresh and local ingredients... foods... and more. But, of course, before we get to the market... we need to vote for the BEST in Montana.

USA Today 10Best Reader's Choice 2024 Nominees

As it turns out, USA Today is once again accepting votes on nominations for the BEST Farmer's Market in the US. Right now, there are 20 options to vote for... but only ONE truly matters. The one with MONTANA attached to it... specifically, Missoula, Montana.

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From the voting page:

Shop for the freshest items of the season under the big skies of Missoula's downtown at their farmers market, open Saturdays from May through October (and Tuesdays from June through September). Whether it's grass-fed beef from a local ranch, beets from the nearby farm, or baklava lovingly baked nearby, this market has you covered.

Where does Missoula rank right now?

At the time of writing, Missoula is ranked at number... 19. Almost dead last... but Las Vegas has us beat. Are you telling me that a Farmer's Market in Florida (#1, apparently) is better than one in Montana? Blasphemy!!!

So... how do we fix this? SIMPLE!

Time To Vote For MONTANA!

Not to guilt-trip you or anything... but it IS your patriotic duty to vote. Not necessarily in a poll for best Farmer's Market... but yeah. It takes just a second. Do it for Montana!

Click the button below to vote NOW. Just 17 days remain to get Missoula up that list!

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