Walmart has been the butt of jokes for YEARS, though, the home of the rollback continued to soldier on, becoming the largest retailer in the world. Yes, even beating Amazon.

On the side of jokes, it went as far as someone building a website... dedicated to those "People of Walmart"... and all the things you just seem to see ONLY at Walmart.

But the reviews!

Honestly, if you never thought to just look at reviews on Google search... you are MISSING OUT on some of the BEST comedy out there. Seriously! We've searched the reviews for EVERY MONTANA WALMART... and here are the 20 Hilarious Montana Walmart Reviews we picked out just for you.

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#20 - Billings West End

From Tim C, A Google Local Guide, with 23 reviews:

The chat function is no help at all for someone that has limited texting skills.

Now Tim... that sounds like a YOU problem, rather than a Walmart problem. Might I suggest some typing courses? They are FREE online.

Pharmacist and customer in pharmacy
Credit: vizualni

#19 - Polson

From Anthony, with 4 reviews:

Went to the pharmacy 5 minutes before lunch, and the guy said "sorry can'd do anything for you"....lazy people.

Sounds to me like the pharmacist was going on their scheduled lunch break. Are they actually lazy... or are you just impatient and entitled?


#18 - Havre

From Ray R, a Google Local Guide, with 160 reviews:

Believe it or not. There are too many liberals in this town.

Uh... Ray... did a liberal assault you at the Havre Walmart? Do you need a customer service specialist?

Crisco Bake It Better Bootcamp With Brandi Milloy
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#17 - Miles City

From Verlin M:

Stuff I needed was not in stock, just like normal. No 6LB crisco, no A2 Protein Milk, you never have all the things for my baking why is why i normally shop elsewhere.

Pause. 6 POUNDS of Crisco? Good lord. I didn't even know Crisco came in 6-pound containers... let alone would ever want one that big. (Yes, I know why you WOULD buy that)

Photo by Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings
Photo by Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings

#16 - Kalispell

From Reuben C:

The front clerks are alwys messing with me when i go in to buy 40 years old if I want to buy beer I shouldn't be gettin judge by someone that's job is only checking for IDs...I have my daughters with me sometimes and in the state of Mt u can have ur own kids with u well buying alcohol as long as I'm the one buyin it an their not drunk or carrying it ...they need to learn what the laws are in Mt I have my alcohol permit because where I work ..they keep messing with me ill teach them what discrimination is



Electric car in charging
Credit Getty/ThinkStock

#15 - Missoula - Mullan Road

From Molly, A Google Local Guide, with 21 reviews:

Came here to charge our EV on a road trip with not many miles left in the bank. The parking lot area by the EV chargers is under some sort of construction and all of the chargers are “unavailable.” Would have been nice to know… LAME.

If only your fancy EV told you whether or not the chargers were active. I know for a fact that Tesla offers this option. I also know you can check charger status, from other companies like Electrify America, which offer real-time pricing and charger status in their app.

Credit: Habitat For Humanity Billings
Credit: Habitat For Humanity Billings

#14 - Great Falls

From Clint S, 14 reviews:

Not happy... I went to get a book. a book I went to get. Not a red book, not a blue book. But a new book. Take a look. The price as clearly marked was not the price at all.. The price said 5.98 but at checkout the price almost doubled. They were going to charge the price on back of book not happy...

Is Dr. Seuss's reality real life for Clint? If so, watch out for the Cat in the Hat. That thing is... concerning.

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

#13 - Billings Heights

From Epicnoob dean, a Google Local Guide, 133 reviews:

If you look through my reviews very very seldom will I leave anything below a five. My mission is to find the good. I really can't here.

Without diving too deep into the Heights Walmart, yeah, makes sense. I'd encourage you to go read the reviews for this store, specifically. What a mess.

Walmart Holds Annual Multi-Day Shareholders Meeting In Arkansas
Getty Images - Walton Family @ Walmart Shareholders Meeting

#12 - Laurel

From MR. Swede, a Google Local Guide, 357 reviews:

Helping the Waltons buy more super yachts and beach houses.

I was under the impression the Laurel Walmart is one people should use as an example. Maybe it is SO good, it is designed to just funnel cash to the Waltons?

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#11 - Bozeman

From Eddie V, A Google Local Guide, 8 reviews:

Why would you have zippo lighters for sale and stop selling lighter fluid?

Huh. I was totally prepared to laugh at this comment and prove them wrong. But, nope. Walmart across Montana seems to be either out of stock or redirecting you to order it from them. Valid, Eddie, valid.

Michael Foth, Townsquare Media
Michael Foth, Townsquare Media

#10 - Great Falls

From Tashina H, 8 reviews:

Apparently they don't care about their customers needs. They have a small handful of handie carts for people. Clearly not enough as I seen 5 people not counting us waiting for one. They also don't have shopping carts with 2 seats for kids but that's less aggravating

What's the problem with using a normal cart, versus one of the smaller carts? Plus, expecting any business to build carts to hold multiple kids is silly. Yes, we have all seen those carts around with the little car up front to hold 2 kids... but not very often.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

#9 - Butte

From Talon H, 5 reviews:

Whats the point of having a phone if no department will answer it?!? Ive been calling for the last 2 hours to get my w2s transfered to my new address and not a single person will anser the damn phone.

Pretty sure the poor local workers at that store can't help you update your address on your W2, Talon. But hey, keep calling.

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

#8 - Helena

From Dale:

why does the walmart toilet paper keep getting smaller since covid? It is very disturbiing when it is too narrow for my hand......... if every other brand also does it then it becomes buyer vs. seller.

just pitiful and inconsiderate- that is what I think. If you dont want to help with inflation, then just charge more but dont treat your customers like they are stupid.

that is what I think- it is a sad day when toilet paper becomes indicative of our lower standard of living at walmart.......

Did you... did you measure your toilet paper width?

karen costume

#7 - Missoula - US-93

From Kayla B, 2 reviews:

I was walking out the door with my two children, and the greeter asked for my receipt. I had no problem with it, except he didn’t ask the THREE people behind me for theirs who had roughly the same amount in groceries. Why did he target me specifically? Is it because I have two children and he assumed I am poor? If you ask for a receipt for one customer, do the same for all. It’s bad practice and unprofessional. I didn’t even ring my groceries up myself, and I paid in cash. I won’t be returning to this location.

Sounds to me like you are making your own assumptions about the employee. Maybe, have you considered, that they don't check EVERY receipt that passes through those doors?

Photo by Emma Smith on Unsplash
Photo by Emma Smith on Unsplash

#6 - Polson

From Brandon T, A Google Local Guide, 370 reviews:

One of the best Walmarts with Arguably one of the best views in the United States.

Ahhhh yes. Just what I wanted at Walmart. A great view.


#5 - Great Falls

From Aaron E, A Google Local Guide, 9 reviews:

I definitely don't think anyone there is trained for any job there! You ask a question and they have a blank look! They can't even answer the simple question?!

You sound like an extremely pleasant person to deal with.

Credit: Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media
Credit: Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media

#4 - Kalispell

From Ian A, A Google Local Guide, 134 reviews:

It's a Walmart.

Yep. Sure is, Ian. Sure is...

What I suspect are Black Angus cows out to pasture near Elkwater Lake, AB
Getty Images

#3 - Miles City

From George C, 8 reviews:

Good food home cooked really tasty hot and brought to my table in7.5 minutes. Service with a smile very friendly staff. Excellent will definitely return for more orders.

Again, I say...



Walmart: The Largest Private Employer In The U.S.
Getty Images

#2 - Helena

From Earl M, 22 reviews:

Sometimes I went there and shopping little .

Sometimes I went there and shopping a little, too, Earl.

Credit: / Canva
Credit: / Canva

#1 - Billings West End

From presocia h, a Google Local Guide, with 65 reviews:

I like stopping here is the only place here in Williston North Dakota Deborah teen actually the best part is you ever liquor and wine next door that's where I would get all my vodka my wine my Coronas so yes it's really nice clean Place Regional price to the people that work there very friendly I like it

Well then... I think we've spent enough time losing brain cells from the reviewers of Walmart. What are your thoughts? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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