In browsing Reddit today, I came across a great question from Redditor "mm_rolltide" asking for advice on an appetizer for their 3-course "Montana" meal. They thought about pasties, however, they did that for Michigan... so what else could scream "Montana Appetizer"?

Many GREAT Suggestions

When I asked around the Townsquare Tower today, the one that was said most was... "Rocky Mountain Oysters". Now, if you live in Montana and don't know what that is... be prepared to be potentially grossed out.

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Rocky Mountain Oysters are... bull testicles. Though, they aren't just boiled and served as is... because that would indeed be nasty. Instead, they are deep-fried after being coated in flour, pepper, and salt. Sometimes they are flattened first.

Still with me? Great.

Redditor "ok_ko_ok" suggested Smoked Trout, Bison or Elk Sliders, Fries/Tots with melted cheese & "mandatory" ranch, Wild Mushrooms with Crostini, or Huckleberry... anything.

All GREAT options if you ask me. The Bison Sliders are my favorite on that list.

Many Redditors suggested Rocky Mountain Oysters too, though the OP lives in Alabama, and doesn't want to import bull testicles.

One of the more unique items I saw suggested was Paddlefish Caviar. I've never had ANY Caviar... but I'd be willing to try it. If someone else pays for it!

And finally, my overall favorite suggestion, from Redditor "runningoutofwords"...

Just setting out a bowl of ranch may be considered an acceptable appetizer.

So true.

What Are Your Thoughts?

What is your go-to appetizer here in Montana? What food makes you think "Montana" every time? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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