If you want to sound like a local, these are some slang terms to throw around that will make you sound like a Montanan.

Montanans are too keen on outsiders moving to Big Sky Country. Most of these folks don't adapt well to the way of life here and have a habit of getting under the local's skin.

One way many locals can tell the difference between a transplant and someone who grew up in Montana is slang terms.

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Slang terms are used every day to short phrases, describe places, or illustrate people's characteristics.

There are general slang terms people use daily, but here in Montana, we have quite a few of our own.

Photo by Felicia Montenegro via Unsplash
Photo by Felicia Montenegro via Unsplash

If you want to sound like a local and stop being judged by folks who know you aren't from Montana, this will help you adapt to your surroundings.

We decided to pick out seven Montana slang terms that are used often enough that it will be easy for you to add to your daily dialogue.

Here are the Seven Montana Slang Terms and Their Meanings.

  1. Bench- A flat part of a rugged or mountainous range.
  2. Borrow Pit- The ditch that lines many of the local roads around Montana. Don't get stuck in one.
  3. Critter- Refers to a small animal or creature in the wild.
  4. Spread- This refers to the land or area around your house.
  5. Crick- is a slang term for a creek or small stream in Montana.
  6. Caboodle- Folks use this term to refer to a quantity of people or things in an area.
  7. Hooky Bobbing- Timeless tradition of pulling a sled behind your vehicle during the winter around town. Be careful.

There are some other local terms we could have used, like Butte Rat, Boz-Angeles, or Zoo Town, but those are all terms that most folks know usually.

Photo by Glen Rushton via Unsplash
Photo by Glen Rushton via Unsplash

These simple terms will take you from being ostracized for being an outsider to being accepted by most locals.

Just take it slow.

What other Montana slang terms do you use? Let us know on the app.

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