When I was pulled over for speeding recently, the first thing the police officer asked me was if I was in a hurry for any reason and if there was some emergency.

I mean in the movies people are often speeding to get places because of emergencies. Whether it's a comedy where the husband is rushing through the city, down one way streets with his pregnant wife in labor to get to the hospital or a drama where the good guy is speeding to get away from the bad guys who are trying to kill him.

I'm sure it's pretty obvious that the answer is no it's not okay to speed, even if it's an emergency clearly because of all of the safety issues involved with not just you but other drivers, pedestrians, and property. Of course there is a however.


Lawrence Hookham
Lawrence Hookham

According to the Motor Biscuit website, we are allowed to exceed the speed limit when we're with emergency vehicles in an official capacity.

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When the officer who pulled me over asked me if I had an emergency of some sort, I told him no. I then asked him if it would have made a difference and he said absolutely. The officer told me if I had an actual emergency he would escort me to where ever I was going so we could get there quickly.

According to Motor Biscuit it's called a 'code 3' and police, fire, or emergency medical services responding to a code 3 call allows a driver to exceed the speed limit in certain road conditions.

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