How juicy does this sound! A murder mystery inspired by the Real Housewives franchise.

So many of us have either watched the entire The Real Housewives franchise on Bravo TV, watched some of the cities that appeal to us most, or have seen and read enough to understand what this franchise is all about.

There are plenty of salacious television shows and movies that have centered around housewives and women marrying, divorcing, and dating over the decades so the concept is nothing new. One of the OG's is Desperate Housewives which hit the small screen as a runaway hit a couple of years before The Real Housewives reality series  started with the wealthy women of Orange County in Southern California.

Sidebar, if you've never watched Desperate Housewives you won't be sorry if you add it to your queue of binge-watching musts.

Anyway, because so many of us are drawn to the drama of the wealthy whether it's real or not, and whether we want to admit it or not, learning about this upcoming movie with mega superstar Jennifer Lawrence is enough for me to subscribe to Apple TV+ once it's released.

According to Variety Magazine, Jennifer is producing the movie as well as starring in it exclusively for Apple Tv+.

It’s a whodunit with a whole lot of drama. Jennifer Lawrence will get to feud, day-drink, and access oodles of disposable income, at least until a body turns up, in The Wives a murder mystery that is in the vein of The Real Housewives.

Sold yet? Desperate Housewives started as a murder mystery when one of the wealthy ladies turns up dead so we know the formula works. But what we know about The Wives including the rest of the cast, where it's filming, and when it drops is all under wraps for now according to Digital Spy.

That's okay, we'll wait because I'm sure it will be worth the suspense until we know more.

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