Missoula's K-9 police force plays an important role in law enforcement and community safety, they're a useful tool for finding wanted persons or dangerous drugs. The work these well-trained dogs do is something I take very seriously.

But I couldn't help but go "awwww" when I heard that Missoula's K-9 officer Zip is getting a new vest.

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Today the Missoula Police Department announced they received a bullet and stab protective vest from a non-profit organization called Vested Interest in K9s. According to MPD's press release, this charity has donated "over 4,970 vests to K9s in all 50 states at a value of $6.9 million," so on behalf of all our cutest police officers, I'd like to thank Vested Interest in K9s. Especially for donating one here in Missoula.

The vest is embroidered with the phrase “Born to Love - Trained to Serve - Loyal Always” which is so beautiful. In my life dogs have only been for playing and cuddling but what they're able to do for the world is so much more than that.

According to the City of Missoula's website, "K-9 officers attend an intensive initial training with their dog. Once in service, the officers and their dogs train every week," so it clearly takes a lot of work to be such a good boy. The website also reads "their ongoing training include all of their initial training topics as well as new skills such as working with special teams," but what I'm really wondering is if Zip can properly fetch. That might be a story for another article.

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