Naming things can be hard.

Just think of how hard you've thought of a name when it came to your child, a pet, or even something as simple as an online username. Now think about naming a city and how hard that must be.

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Maybe it's not as hard as we think because it seems that almost any name can work when it comes to naming cities. See a hill nearby, boom your name is Hill City. River running through the city, well we're now called River City.  Heck even Great Falls was a pretty easy city to name, what with all the falls surrounding it.


Keep scrolling to see Montana cities that share their name with a famous big sibling 👇

What to do then if you find yourself in a place without any distinctive landmarks nearby. Maybe you name the city after the founders name? There's lot of places like that in Montana.

Of course you could always just take the easy way out and name yourself after a city that's already got a name. Which is what these cities in Montana did. I mean why take all that time to think of a name when you've got a city to set up.

So I went through the list of every Montana city, even the ones that are considered a "Census Designated Place" and I think I found all the ones that share a name with a more famous city. If I missed one email me and let me know.

Keep scrolling to see Montana cities that share their name with a famous big sibling 👇

Montana Cities Who Share Their Name With A Famous Big Sibling

These Montana cities have a much more famous sibling out there.

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