Fastest-Growing Jobs Right Now In Montana And Their Salary

With the cost of living rising in Montana, you might be thinking of a new career in order to help pay the bills.

Thankfully, in Montana, there are quite a few careers and industries that are desperately hiring new employees.

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What Is The Current Job Market Like In Montana?

Right now, the job market in Montana looks like it will continue to be strong for the rest of the year.

While data for June has yet to come out, in May 2024, we saw unemployment in the state sit at 3.1%.

That is almost a full percentage point below the unemployment rate in America, which was at 4% for the same time period.

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What Are The Fastest-Growing Jobs In Montana For 2024?

To come up with the list of the fastest-growing jobs in Montana, the website Stacker looked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

From that data, they looked at all the jobs with over 1,000 employees that had the biggest percentage increase in employees from 2022 to 2023.

One thing that could worry some long-time residents is the influx of out-of-state workers coming to Montana for job opportunities.

With our lower cost of living compared to places like CaliforniaOregon, and Washington, people have made the choice to move here for work, some even doing so remotely.

So if you're looking to make a career change, check out these industries that are highly motivated to find employees.

The 25 Fastest-Growing Jobs Right Now In Montana And Their Median Salary

The website Stacker analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine the fastest-growing jobs in Montana.

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