Bud Light has chosen a trans person to represent their brand and Montanans are losing their minds. Don't we have bigger fish to fry?

First, let me preface by saying this article is not politically driven, driven by any support for one sex or gender, or orientation, and not meant to "rile up"  anyone on either side of the fence. It's simply here to point out that people are up in arms in a big way over a beer brand/can, meanwhile, in Montana, we are facing much, much bigger problems, and I think our conversations and time could be used in a more important and positive way.

So you're angry that Bud Light has chosen a trans person to represent their brand, and in turn, you are boycotting Bud Light. For some of you, it is a beer and brand you have enjoyed for years, but now you and the folks at Anheuser Busch have come to an impasse. Many of you have taken to your local bar stools, social media, and public gathering to voice your opinion. Heck, even Kid Rock got on board and destroyed a good bunch of beer with a few rounds from his rifle.  (Here is a bit of a side note, if you are destroying your beer to show your distaste, Bud Light already has your money. You've actually helped them). I'm so sick of the comments and conversations in our Missoula community and Montana in general about this minor issue. Have we forgotten about the MAJOR pressing issues we are facing daily in our great state? It would seem so. To remind everyone I have made a handy list of problems we are facing that, in my opinion heavily outweigh this issue.

  • Rising Housing Costs: I don't know about you but my rent has been raised 3 times in the last year. You can't afford to rent, build, or buy a home in Montana and it's only getting worse. Would you rather have a beer that aligns with your "values" or not be homeless?
  • Fentanyl and Meth: These devastating drugs are tearing our communities apart, and it only seems to be getting worse. Have you checked the local police reports lately?
  • Historic Energy Costs Raises: As if affording a house or apartment wasn't already hard enough, now you might not be able to afford to heat your home if you have one.
  • Chinese gathering physical and digital information: Do you remember when there was a giant Chinese spy balloon traveling across the state? Did we just forget about that? What about the bill to ban TikTok? Does this infringe on any of your personal rights (here is where I chime in and state personally that this app is evil. Read the user agreements. Whoa...)
  • The Yellowstone Supervolcano Is More Dangerous Than We Thought: As if this thing wasn't already a state-destroying time bomb, now it's even worse than previously stated.

But you are more concerned with your favorite beer brand not aligning with your values or just isn't "manly enough" anymore. Bud Light. A beer just a hair above White Claw on the "manliness" scale. (No offense White Claw. I love me some Ruby Grapefruit).  As I said, this article isn't meant to offend or defend any side. I just think we have way more pressing problems than this issue, and our time and conversations could be used in a productive matter to help the good folks of Montana.

One love.

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