When it comes to riding a motorcycle in Montana the state is both a blessing and a curse. We've got some of the best wide open roads in for you to ride.

Going to the Sun Road is considered one of the best rides in America. So why is it also a curse, cause you're only able to ride for a few months a year.

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Thankfully when it comes to riders safety in Montana it's nothing but good news. Montana is ranked as of the safest states when it comes to motorcycle fatalities.

Quote Wizard released the recent statistics of fatalities per state, and Montana ranked in the top 10 per capita.


The Big Sky State had 29 deaths from the report, which came out to 4 fatalities per 10,000 motorcycle riders. That actually tied for fourth with 6 other states.

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Only Minnesota and New Hampshire with 3, and Alaska with 2 had few fatalities per 10,000 than Montana.

Now could the low number of deaths be the result of our inability to ride all year long or the fact that we have a lower population meaning less traffic on our roads?


It could be possible, but it's hard to say for certain.

But consider this, in Montana we only have age restrictions for helmet laws. If you are over the age of 18 you don't need to wear a helmet.

That isn't to say that if you a wear a helmet you'll never end up as a statistic, but it increases your chance to survive.

I think, honestly, we have smart motorcycle riders and aware vehicle drivers here in Montana.

With the warm weather upon us, hearing we're one of the safest places for riders is good news to hear.

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Stacker used the Federal Highway Administration's 2020 Highway Statistics report to rank states by the fatalities per billion miles traveled. 

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