Throughout my life I have been spoiled by the beauty of the state of Montana.  Wildlife, mountains, creeks and scenery like no other, can be found within minutes of any town in Montana.  Great Falls is even more fortunate since we have plains to the East and Mountains to the West.  Lakes to recreate and hunting and fishing to fill the freezer with.  The world offers plenty of opportunities to be angry or negative, but I wanted to remind everyone of all the reasons to be happy and positive.  Enjoy these pictures:

Montana Scenery

Pictures of the beautiful scenery all around Montana

Incredible early morning sunrises and late evening sunsets can be seen from the front door three hundred plus days a year. On those other days there is still beauty in the inclement weather.  All we have to do is stop and enjoy it:

Montana Scenery II

Scenery from around Montana

Sometimes the prettiest flowers are on the side of an old gravel road in the mountains.  I decided that I wouldn't pick them, instead I took their picture so I could give this boutique away many times.  I always have allergies and didn't want to sneeze all the way back to town.  These were in the mountains near Neihart on an old hunting road.

Mountain Flowers

Mountain Flowers Near Neihart

Here are a couple more pictures for good measure:

attachment-Birdtail Mtn 4-3-10 010

Picture credit Randy Bogden

I hope you enjoyed my trip through North Central Montana.  Everyone of these locations were with in two hours of Great Falls.  Remember to always have your camera ready, and since almost everyone carries a cell phone, almost everyone has a camera. Please send me a favorite picture you have taken.  Email or put it on the KMON Facebook page.  Help put a smile on someone!

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