Why Is Montana Such A Great Place To Live For This One Tiny Reason?

If you were to ask a group of Montana residents if they would live in any state other than Montana, the majority would say no.

It turns out we aren't the only ones to think that Montana is a great place to live, and one website recently said we're a top 10 place to live for just one tiny reason.

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Woman Holding A Tiny House in her hands

Could This Tiny Reason Be The Cure To A Big Issue In Montana?

If you were to ask that same group of Montana residents what one of the biggest issues facing Montana is, I'd wager most would say housing.

It's an issue that a majority of people are facing all across America.

There is an option for becoming a home owner along with having a small carbon footprint, and the website Lawn Starter says Montana is one of the best places to achieve this.

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A image of the United States showing Montana is Ranked #6 for tiny home living

Montana Ranks Number 6 In America for "Best States for Tiny House Living"

While the tiny house craze may have cooled off just a bit, Lawn Starter still says we're a great option for owning your own tiny house in Montana.

Not to mention, we've got some amazing off-the-grid locations where, if you like solitude, placing a tiny house down is a smart idea.

Before you buy, however, make sure you research what goes into owning your tiny house and how to weather-proof it for winter.

15 Stunning Pictures Of The Perfect Montana Tiny Home For Rent

Travel season is just around the corner which means a few different things. Hotel prices skyrocket, availability is limited, and people are searching for the perfect little mountain getaway to be one with nature.

Hotels will most likely be around $200+ per night, and although hotels do offer more amenities including continental breakfast at most, they don't always offer that quiet, relaxing scenario you are hoping for.

"Located about 40 min south of Missoula in Stevensville MT. A newly finished tiny home with high-end finishings. Great location for access to tons of hiking, fly fishing, and other outdoor activities in the beautiful Bitterroot valley. Large shower with dual shower heads, stainless appliances, and plenty of room to cook, two large decks for outdoor lounging and grilling". -Airbnb (Greg)

Gallery Credit: Megan Shaul

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If you want to travel in style, this converted Blue Bird bus could be the way to go. From queen size beds to sky-lit showers the renovation to this former school bus has been amazing, but the finishing touches are all yours.

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