The Montana Lottery has been offering the chance to make someone a millionaire for a few years now with the "Montana Millionaire" game. The game continues to grow. This year there will be even more chances for someone to become a millionaire. Last year there were two drawings for a million dollars. This year the Montana Lottery will be adding a third million dollar prize added to the game. They will also be adding an additional 100,000 tickets for sale. Even with the addition of the more tickets, the actual odds of wining one of the million dollar prizes has improved. Last year it was 1 in 140,000, this year the odds will be 1 in 126,667.6.

The Montana Game Has Increased In A Big Way

In 2021 the game sold out in 6 days, and in 2022 the game sold out in 29 hours. The speed in which the tickets sold las year was unexpected. I spoke with Dan Iverson from the Montana Lottery about the increase in the game this year. He said.

We were watching the purchasing of tickets in real time, it was exciting for us. We saw the increase in demand and we knew we had to make some big changes to the game.

The Montana Millionaire Odds Are Better

There are instant win prizes of $100 and $500 and there will be two early bird drawings this year. One in November for $25,000 and one in December for $100,000. There will be a total of 380,000 tickets for sale at $20 per ticket. Tickets will go on November 1, 2023. According to a press release from the Montana Lottery:

Last year’s grand prize tickets were sold in Great Falls and Butte. The Great Falls ticket was claimed by a player from Helena, while the Butte ticket remains yet to be claimed.

There is a million dollar winning ticket out there somewhere and there will be even another chance for a million dollars this year.

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