I love breakfast foods. I think breakfast for dinner is awesome. I love scrambles where everything is just mixed together in a bowl. The thing I love most about breakfast foods though is a delicious breakfast sandwich.

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The thing I love about a breakfast sandwich is it's portable. Most breakfast foods require you to sit down and eat, not so with the breakfast sandwich. You put all those eggs, bacon sausage or whatever you prefer between buns, biscuits or even croissants then you can grab and go on with your day.

So where does one need to go in Montana to enjoy the best breakfast sandwich in the state? That's a matter of opinion. Two different websites put out two different places, but I have a feeling both will leave you satisfied.

Keep scrolling to see the two best breakfast sandwiches in Montana 👇

First up we have the Eat This, Not That website who has listed the best breakfast sandwich in Montana is at Cateye Cafe in Bozeman.


Eat This, Not That has this to say about Cateye Cafe,

The Cateye Cafe is famous for its sammies, particularly the Tom Cat: 1/3 pound of Angus beef burger with a fried egg, Gouda cheese, and tomato jam on an English muffin and served up with a side of hashbrowns.

Not to be outdone Lovefood.com came out with their list of the best breakfast sandwich in each state, and for Montana they picked the Black Dog Coffee House in Billings.


So what did Lovefood have to say about the Black Dog Coffee's sandwich?

Where do you think the best breakfast sandwich in Montana is at? Email me your suggestions or sound off on our AppChat with our free app.

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