After living in Montana for most of my life, it's incredible how this state can still surprise me.

Montana has many different attractions for tourists or locals to check out. These attractions can range from incredible to overrated to deadly. These attractions can show off the fun side of the state and be family-friendly or an absolute waste of time. Every state has these attractions, and Montana is the same.

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What about weird or oddball attractions? You might not think Montana has one, but you would be wrong. Montana has quite a few.

Cheapism made a list of the Most Oddball Roadside Attractions in Every State, and Montana's is unique, odd, and in the middle of nowhere.

The most oddball roadside attraction is The Montana Bale Trail in Hobson. This 21-mile loop consists of farmers having a lot of fun creating sculptures using bales of hay, and these farmers get creative.

Photo by Lavi Cella via Unsplash
Photo by Lavi Cella via Unsplash

You can see hay sculptures that range from Vikings to penguins to whatever the farmers can create. It's amazing. The only problem, you can only check this attraction out during the summer.

If you want to check out some other weird attractions in Montana, our favorite is the Garden of a Thousand Buddhas in Arlee. This public park doubles as a botanical garden and has views for days. This attraction might be weird, but worth the journey.

Ewarm Garden of One Thousand Buddhas via Facebook
Ewarm Garden of One Thousand Buddhas via Facebook

People love checking out attractions with friends or family because they can be fun or a fantastic experience. If you want to experience something you will never see anywhere else in America, you should check out these weird attractions in Montana.

For more details, check out Cheapism.

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