A place like Montana, that seems to have winter 9 months out of the year, might not be the first place you think of when it comes to water parks.  Thankfully we do have a few months of warm weather that allows us to enjoy these seven great water parks under the Big Sky.

Growing up on the Missouri River I love being around water. I took to the water like a fish my mother said. While going swimming in a river or lake is always a good day, nothing beats a day of fun with the family at a water park.

These water parks in Montana offer up some great family fun for all ages. You will be able to enjoy slides, pools and even some lazy rivers if you just want to float around and relax.

Most of them are outdoors which means their season is limited and you will need to plan accordingly. There is one however that is indoors that allows for year round fun.

Another nice aspect of these water parks is that if your idea of fun is staying dry, these places are all located in the more populated places of Montana. That means while those that love getting wet and wild are doing their thing, you can shop, sight-see or whatever you please while staying dry.

So while the summer season might be short in Montana we're not short on places to spend a day in the sun.

Check Out Montana's Seven Great Water Parks

Get ready to go slipping and sliding under the Big Sky by stopping by one of Montana's seven great water parks.

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