See Why You Should NEVER Buy These Things At Walmart In Montana

We all want to save money, but we also want to make sure we're not just saving money by buying a cheap product.

Walmart is great for saving money and because they sell so many different items it can be a one stop shop for quite a few people.

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The fact that Walmart does sell so many items in Montana, means there are going to be a few items that just aren't worth it, either because you can get something cheaper else where, or because the product just won't last.

Think of something like shoes, you can buy a quick and cheap pair of work boots for $50, but they only last 1 year.

On the flip side if you buy a $100 pair of boots that last you 3 years, it makes more sense to buy the $100 pair as you save money in the long run.

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It's Expensive To Be Poor

I get that not everyone can buy that $100 pair of boots, if you need a pair of boots for a job that starts Monday, you have to buy the $50 pair, but if you can wait then it makes sense to wait.

The website BestLife, where we got out list, mentions that if there are certain items that you need right now, go ahead and buy, but you can save more by waiting or shopping around.

There were also suggestions on their list I was shocked to see and others I was not shocked to see because I already refused to buy those items at Walmart.

So, with that in mind we hope this list can help you save some money the next time you need to go shopping.

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