If you haven't been to Great Falls in a while, maybe it's time for a road trip. They have a newer music venue that is booking some really good shows.

When you think of rad live music venues or nightclubs, Great Falls isn't exactly the town in Montana that comes to mind. No offense, windy city dwellers, it's just always seemed like a quieter, older-person community.

The people of Great Falls have spoken and the Newberry music venue is listening. They are increasingly booking more and more great rock shows. Check out what they have coming up.


Friday, June 29th. Door 6 pm Show 7:30 pm  Ticket price is $36 to $40

Ill Nino with Through Fire and Dropout Kings

Sunday, May 21st Door 6 pm Show 7:30 pm. The ticket price is $26.10 to $49

From Ashes To New

(Don't forget these guys are opening at our first helping of our Blaze Backyard BBQ)

Tuesday, May 2nd. Door 6 pm Show 7:30 pm. Ticket prices are $22.50 to $45

3 Doors Down with Special Guest Candlebox

Sunday, July 23rd, Door 6 pm Show 7:30 pm. Ticket prices are $59 to $189

(This show has a different venue at the Voyagers Stadium, 1015 25th St N
Great Falls, MT 59401)

Texas Hippie Coalition

Tuesday, August 22nd, Door 6 pm Show 7:30 pm. Ticket prices are $22.50 to $45

Paul Cauthen

Friday, July 14thDoor 6 pm Show 7:30 pm Ticket Prices are $31.50 to $55

Not a bad Summer lineup, right? If you were on the fence about taking a road trip to Great Falls, well now you have a good reason, or 6 of them. Don't be "that guy" and hope that you can travel a few hours to the show and buy tickets at the window. Be safe and check out the Newberry site and pick up your tickets there.


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