This Invasive Fish Could Destroy The Ecosystem In Montana

When I was younger, I thought I'd be encountering nightmare scenarios on a regular basis, such as sinking in quicksand or being attacked by piranhas.

While I've never come across quicksand or piranhas in my life, there is a chance I could encounter this scary fish that needs to be reported immediately if you see it in Montana.

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What Is The Name Of This Fish And Where Is It From?

The fish we are talking about is called the Northern Snakehead, which is most commonly found in the tropical waters of Africa or Asia.

So if these fish are supposed to be found in Africa or Asia, why are we worrying about them in America?

Well, it seems people are buying them as pets but then dumping them out of their aquariums into streams and rivers.

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Snakehead Fish Found In Lake Michigan
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Why Are These Fish Considered A "Nightmare?"

Well, there are two reasons these fish get labeled a nightmare.

First off, look at the picture above and tell me it wouldn't give you nightmares. Then you add in the fact that they can walk on land by breathing air, and you see why they get that label.

The second reason, and the reason you need to kill them immediately, is that they will overrun our native fish and even have the potential to eliminate them completely.

Should you catch one on your next fishing trip, you are supposed to cut the head off, freeze it, take pictures, and report where you caught it to the Montana FWP.

While there have been no sightings of these fish so far in Montana, we keep hearing stories of them getting closer to our state every year, so keep on the lookout.

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