Montana has some of the kindest, most courteous people out there— but even the Treasure State has its share of jerks who act poorly at shows. With concert season just beginning, I thought I'd write this as a PSA to remind everyone of what not to do. Here's some examples of rude behavior you see at Montana concerts:

Beer Throwing

If you feel really excited watching a musical artist or band, try clapping or cheering. Those are better ways to express your enthusiasm than flinging your beer into the air, soaking some poor fan near you. Oh, and don't bring your beer into the mosh pit. Speaking of which...

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Bad Moshing

In case you're confused, a mosh pit is best when everyone is running in a circle, not just bumping into each other randomly, and definitely not doing windmills or hardcore dancing. Some guys (idiots) like to show how tough they are by standing in the middle of the pit without moving, but guess what? No one is impressed.

Starting Fights

Guys with fragile egos who get all upset because someone had the audacity to accidentally step on their shoe are so lame, but at least I get some schadenfreude watching them get kicked out by security.


Heckling isn't just mocking the artist, it's also trying to talk to the artist at all unless you were specifically asked to talk. If you have something you want to say, wait until after the show.


If you're taking a picture or a 10-second clip, that's fine, but any longer than that and you're venturing into jerk territory, especially if you're blocking someone's view. But even if you're not, keep in mind that no one actually wants to see your concert video, they're only pretending to want to see out of politeness. You can't capture the magic of live music with your smartphone camera, so just enjoy the moment.

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