Google is so ubiquitous anymore it's even become a verb. "Let me Google it real quick" is something I say to my wife all the time whenever she asks me a question I'm unsure the answer to. Google takes all of the questions and searches we enter and then tries to predict what it is we're after.

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Now what they return to you is different depending on what you are asking it, or also depending on where you are living. When you ask "where is the best place to" it might say "fish" in Montana, but could say "surf" in Hawaii.

So I wondered what it would return for us in Montana when you ask it "Should I" and here are the top 6 responses I got from Google.


Should I upgrade to Windows 11

Seems this is the most popular question asked to Google. From everything I've read it seems you shouldn't unless you really need, so I think the answer there is no.

Should I stay or should I go lyrics

I love The Clash, so seeing this as the second suggestion is pretty cool.  And just in case you don't know the song, check it out

Should I leave my husband

WOW. I'm not sure if this is scary or sad that this is the third suggestion on the list. I think we'll just move on to number four.

Should I turn Sebastian in

I'm not sure who Sebastian is, but if you have ask Google if you should turn someone in for something they did I'm just glad I'm not in your shoes.

Should I take a creatine

There are actually lots of reasons you can take creatine even if you aren't working out. But this question might actually require talking to your doctor.

Should I pop a blister

The answer to this is always no. That's because it helps promote healing.

That said I always pop my blisters, but hey I'm just a DJ googling stupid things, so don't listen to me.

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