It looks like recreational marijuana is a big hit in Montana and won't be going UP IN SMOKE anytime soon.  For the seventh month in a row, the state has hit a new alltime HIGH!  Sales of recreational pot in September hit $19,828,958.  That beats last months record of $19,807,451.

How much in taxes?

What's all this WEED talk mean for taxes.  Hold on to your BONG because what I am about to tell you is a pretty big number.  In the first seven months of legal marijuana in the state,  the government has collected a whopping $33,000,000 in taxes.  A lot of that will be used to help those recovering from addiction to things like marijuana.

How much has been sold this year?

Now,  here comes an even bigger number.  Grab that TWINKIE and take a bite before you digest this number.  In the first nine months of this year $228,000,000 of marijuana has been sold combining both recreational and medical.  That's in just nine months!

Cascade County totals

Now,  let's look here at home, if you can see it through all the smoke.  In Cascade County sales hit another record. This time hitting $1,155,997.  Cascade  County sits sixth of any county in the state when it comes to sales.  That's a lot of SMOKIN'.  I guess eating too.

Gallatin County sold the most last month at $3,288,526.  Yellowstone was second at $3,166,896.  Hmmm?  Gallatin County  is the home of  Montana State University....I wonder if there is a connection?  I wonder if that number drops off when the university is not in session?  June is not typically a month for school at the university and pot sales that month are a half million less than September.

That will do it for this story.  I have to go answer the door.  MARY JANE is here and she brought me DORITOS.

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