If you're the type of person that loves trying to find hidden gems at great prices, then we have the event for you. More and more Montanans are getting into thrifting, and those who know what they're looking for can really come across some amazing items.

Almost every Montana town seems to have a Thrift Store or two, but did you know that every year Montanans from all across the state get together in what has become an annual tradition in Western Montana?

It's a 3-day event, and it only happens once a year, so you might want to mark it down on your calendar.

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The St. Regis Flea Market is entering its 46th year and will surely have something for everyone. From vintage, to unique, the flea Market is certainly something to see.  Of course, it's not just any flea market, it's the biggest flea market in the state, and is a fundraiser by the St. Regis City Council to help benefit the town itself.

Outdoor Flea Market

For those new to Montana, St. Regis is located in Mineral County, right next to the Idaho border. With a population of right around 300 people, the annual event is one of the biggest things that happens in the town each year.

The event has continued to grow over the years, and even includes some delicious food for those looking to score some grub while looking through all of those treasures. Plus, admission is free and they do offer shuttles.

Flea market

The St. Regis Flea Market is held over Memorial Day weekend, which means it will be from May 27th through the 29th of this year.

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